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Fishing at Kingsbury

Pine Pool

Please note this lake is closed to all day ticket and permit holders on the following dates due to competition bookings; 23rd-25th July, 20th-22nd August and 3rd-5th September.

Kingsbury’s acclaimed six-and-a-half acre day-ticket carp water with mirrors and commons to the low 30s and plenty of doubles, Pine Pool is a traditional carp water where modern carp fishing techniques work best.

Never stocked with fish less than 5lbs, Pine is best fished with boilies, trout pellets or trout pellet paste, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread crust, flake or floating crust – in fact, just about any bait that catches carp. However, anglers who ring the changes tend to have the most consistent sport and heaviest catch weights.

There are two pegs with concrete platforms suitable for wheelchair access. These pegs can be used by able-bodied anglers but must be vacated if a wheelchair angler arrives and wishes to use the peg.