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Fishing at Kingsbury

Canal Pool

Canal Pool is Kingsbury’s specimen carp water. Until 2013 the pool had been closed to anglers until July 1 but for 2013 this regulation has been relaxed with carp angling now allowed throughout the year. However, fishing for pike on Canal Pool is only allowed from October 1.

Canal Pool is a 17-acre water which has been stocked with numerous 20s and 30s from Gibsons Carp Pool plus many other home-grown fish from several of the waters on the Kingsbury complex.

Tragically, Canal Pool suffered a major carp mortality in Spring 2006 when 65 fish – eight of them over 30lbs and the smallest 11lbs – were lost. Following this, the original stock figures for Canal Pool were checked and, taking into account the small number of carp that may have died during spawning over the years, it is believed there are now approximately 85 carp remaining in the pool. Of these, between five and 12 are believed to be over 30lbs – the largest thought to weigh 42lbs.

However, a supply of new carp has been purchased and added to the water. The 200 carp are all good quality fish weighing in the region of 4lbs to 9lbs, with a few low doubles. There is a good mix of commons and mirrors, mainly the latter. This new stock is thriving and the fish are growing well, with 30lb carp now coming to the net.