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Fishing at Kingsbury

Causeway Pool

Following the introduction of carp stocks in 2009 and the installation of fencing to prevent fish movement when the park floods, the three-acre Causeway Pool is now a popular day ticket and contest pool.
The change means there is now a second choice of match pool at the fishery, giving angling clubs further options on the number of pegs they can use and the ease with which members can fish.

The opening of Causeway Pool as a competition venue gives angling clubs the option of using 20 pegs and the opportunity for easier fishing.

Causeway’s redevelopment has changed the levels of the water and has introduced a gravel bar, running the opposite way to the island, making it a great feature to fish to at about 30 yards from the bank. The pool now varies in depth from three to eight feet and is well stocked with carp to 10lbs, pike to 20lbs, tench to 5lbs, roach, skimmers, perch, and rudd.

A number of new fishing platforms have also been added with four accessible to wheelchair users. These four pegs can be used by able-bodied anglers but must be vacated if a wheelchair angler arrives and wishes to use the peg.