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Fishing at Kingsbury

Heron & Kingfisher Pools

Heron Pool

Heron is another mixed fishery ideal for the pole or waggler, containing plenty of small roach as well as a few larger specimens. The water responds well to continental-style groundbait feed with hempseed or other additives.

In addition to the roach and skimmers, Heron Pool holds crucian carp, bream and tench to 4lbs and has a fairly uniform bottom and steep banks, much of the water being about 5ft deep. The two lily pad swims often prove successful, particularly during warmer weather.

Kingfisher Pool

Kingfisher is a very attractive 1.6-acre lily covered pool which has a very uneven bottom due to the method of gravel extraction used. Access around the pool has been improved.

Depths vary from around eight feet to around two-and-a-half feet and, because of the nature of the bottom, moving your float a yard or so in any direction can change the depth dramatically. This makes plumbing the depth essential on this pool.

With tench to 5lbs, match sized carp and good numbers of roach, perch and skimmers plus the occasional larger bream, Kingfisher is as nice a place as any to spend a pleasant summer’s day or evening. In good weather, jack pike and some large carp can often be seen basking in the lily covered shallower water near the motorway.

Fish stocks were recently boosted with 35 tench weighing between 3lbs and 6lbs and more than 100lbs of quality roach and rudd, the bigger fish being in excess of 2lbs.