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Fishing at Kingsbury

Gibsons Pool

Formerly Kingsbury Water Park’s renowned specimen carp water, at around two-and-three quarters of an acre in size, Gibsons was becoming too small as the fish grew bigger.

Gibsons is a quality mixed fishery with a variety of species including bream to 8lbs, tench to 5lbs and roach to 2lbs, as well as rudd, perch and pike which can now all be caught in this attractive water, which is considered to be one of the most featured pools of all the specimen waters.

As a result of the improvements, Gibson’s Pool now not only offers beautiful surroundings but also provides challenges for pole, waggler and feeder anglers.

The elongated stretch between the central pathway and the islands offers the deepest water, up to eight feet, although the fish will often be found on the gravel bars which extend from and link the islands.

The part of the pool nearest the motorway tends to be shallower and weedier making feeding fish more visible in this area. In summer there are numerous sets of lily pads which provide shade and these are always a good place to find fish.