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Fishing at Kingsbury

Swann Pool

Swann Pool is available to day-ticket anglers when it is not being used for matches. This enables anglers either to practice for matches or to enjoy a day’s pleasure fishing.
Similar to Bodymoor Heath Water, Swann Pool is an 12.5-acre big bream match water with some tench, roach, carp and skimmers. It responds best to groundbait feeder or distance waggler.

Whilst the depth varies in the main from three to five feet, Swann Pool is shallower in parts.

As a bream water, a selection of hook baits is again recommended, and like many shallow gravel pits it is worth catapulting a bed of bait at the beginning of a session to avoid spooking the fish once they are feeding in a swim. Once the bed of groundbait is laid, it can be maintained and topped up by varying the size of the groundbait feeder.