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Fishing at Kingsbury

Willows Pool

One of the smaller pools at Kingsbury with approximately 12 pegs, Willows Pool is only one-and-a-half acres in size but offers anglers plenty of roach, skimmer bream and bonus larger bream and tench to 3lbs. Since 2010 day ticket fishing on this water has been free of charge for anglers aged 16 and under.

An ideal water for pole fishing, most pegs have only three feet of water whilst at its deepest in the centre it is only four feet deep. However, it is in the fringes where most of the fish are caught.

Because anglers are fishing for smaller fish than on other Kingsbury waters, the trend is to fish light and use only small amounts of groundbait and loose feed. Hook sizes 18 to 20 are the norm, although in winter it is advisable to drop down to even Size 24. The most commonly used baits are single maggot or pinkies.