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Fishing at Kingsbury

Broomey Croft Pool

At 13 acres, Broomey Croft is the new Night Permit water from 1st April 2017 and is only available for those in possession of the Specimen Night Permit. Carp have been added from other pools around the complex to bolster the existing stocks. Carp from Swann, Bodymoor Heath and the Model Boat Pool have all been added with some high 20’s and a beautiful 30lb common.
The island pegs tend to be shallow at about three feet and are often weedy, but when the weather is hot in mid-summer and the feeding finicky, this is often where the fish can be found.

Both far side corners tend to have deeper water up to 10ft in places, whilst the middle pegs on the far bank from the car park tend to be shallower at four to five feet deep. Broomey Croft has many underwater features such as gravel bars, channels and plateaux and anglers who locate these tend to have the most consistent sport.

The road bank is obviously well fished as it is nearest the car park. It also faces the prevailing wind, so regularly produces good results, although anglers wanting to maintain consistency should fish a variety of pegs around the pool.