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Fishing at Kingsbury

Mill Pool

Another good bream water, Mill Pool is 12.5 acres in size and holds similar species and sizes as Bodymoor Heath with plenty of bream between 2-3lbs and specimens running to 6lbs. In addition, there are many roach around the 1lb mark which feed well during the autumn and winter, particularly after heavy rain.

Skimmers and small roach are abundant and again there are bonus tench to 5lbs, pike into the high teens and the occasional carp to 20lbs. The water is ideal for beginners during the summer months.

Up to nine feet deep close in along the road bank where you can park behind pegs, Mill Pool has a gravel bar in the centre where the water runs shallower. In other parts of the pool you can expect to find four or five feet of water.

As with Bodymoor Heath, fishing an open-ended groundbait feeder is an excellent method, although with deep water close in the pole and waggler both work well. In summer, fishing high up in the water close in catches most species including good bream, whilst those after the tench are again recommended to fish under overhanging trees or close to vegetation.

The small pool running off the main water as you approach Mill Pool from Swann Pool – known as Mill Pool Cutting – fishes better in winter than summer with pole anglers looking for roach and skimmers and pike anglers after their winter quarry.