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Bird watching at Kingsbury - Activities


Bird watching iconThe park lies in the centre of a chain of wetlands created by sand and gravel extraction known as The Tame Valley. With 230 recorded species from common garden birds to extremely rare sightings, the bird life offers interest to all our visitors. Whether it’s a glimpse of Kingfisher or a passing Osprey, you never know what you may see.

Spring and Autumn passage is a great time for birdwatching as many rare birds are on the move to their breeding or wintering grounds. We have 4 birds hides from where you can look out for these birds, 3 of which are accessible by wheelchair. They overlook Cliff Pool Nature Reserve giving great views across the purpose built islands, wader scrapes and reed beds.

Don’t leave out the network of paths and trails, which cover the whole of the park – you never know what you may spot next! We can boast an impressive 9 breeding species of Warblers.

You may also be interested in a local blog of bird sightings from in and around the Middle Tame Valley on the Warwickshire/Staffordshire Border.