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Cycling at Kingsbury Water Park - Activities


cycling iconThere are many miles of surfaced paths around the site, and the more adventurous can cycle on the bridleway around the southern perimeter of the Park. No cycling is allowed through the Woodland Walk, around the Nature Reserve at the Broomey Croft side of the Park, or in the Visitor Centre courtyard.

Please remember that, if you are cycling on the pathways through the Park you may encounter other vehicles, and that if you use the bridleway you may meet up with horse riders. When approaching walkers using the same path, please slow down and, if necessary, sound your bell. Please be careful if you cycle close to any of the lakes as fishermen may be casting a line.

Big Franks cycle hire

Cycle hire available weekends and Warwickshire school half terms from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., (weather permitting).

For more information, call 0753 458 1288