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Volunteers’ Week: Inspiring Stories of Local Volunteers at Kingsbury Water Park

Volunteers' Week Graphic, text reads "Day Seven"

Volunteers' Week, celebrated annually from 1-7 June, gives an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the invaluable work carried out by volunteers nationwide.

Two volunteers, John Gallier and Di Reynolds, continue to make a lasting difference through their dedicated service with the team of volunteers at Kingsbury Water Park.

John Gallier has been helping out at Kingsbury Water Park for the past seven years. John's journey as a volunteer began with his love for fishing on the lakes of Warwickshire. Drawing inspiration from his passion for outdoor activities, he decided to join Warwickshire Country Parks as a volunteer. John believed that his professional and life skills could be transferred to the team, leading to a relationship that benefits both him and his local community. 

Photograph of John Gallier

John Gallier

When asked about his favourite aspect of being a volunteer, John spoke highly of the social aspect of the tasks they undertake. The camaraderie among the team, the light-hearted banter, and the sense of unity make every task enjoyable for him. John's story highlights the important role that volunteers like him play in enhancing the natural beauty of Warwickshire's landscape.

Di Reynolds, another volunteer at Kingsbury Water Park, started her journey with a six-month stint with the Country Park ranger service before she retired. Having experienced the fulfilling nature of the work, she decided to continue her involvement as a volunteer. Di's love for the outdoors and her enthusiasm for conservation tasks made this type of voluntary work a perfect fit for her.

Photograph if Di Reynolds

Di Reynolds

Volunteering provides a vital resource in helping to maintain Warwickshire’s natural landscape, and Di highlights the crucial role that volunteers play in providing additional manpower for various tasks. Their support and dedication allow the team of rangers to tackle the workload more effectively and efficiently, making sure that the county’s green spaces are preserved and enhanced for visitors and residents alike.

Di encourages everyone interested in volunteering to "give it a try." Not only is it a fantastic way to stay fit and active but, for Di, it also offers a great deal of fun and enjoyment. Regardless of background or profession, everyone has something to contribute, and being appreciated by visitors and local residents is a rewarding experience in itself for Di.

Councillor Heather Timms, Portfolio for Environment, Climate and Culture at Warwickshire County Council, said: “Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities, and their selfless contributions have a profound impact on the well-being and development of our county. We are immensely grateful to John, Di, and all the volunteers who make Warwickshire a better place to live and visit.”

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Published: 7th June 2023