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Our Waters


Bodymoor Heath Water

Bodymoor Heath is the largest of the Kingsbury Water Park waters. Covering some 47 acres, this former gravel pit is only six feet at its deepest and in most places only about three or four. This makes it an attractive fishery as the water rapidly acclimatises to the prevailing weather conditions and warms up quickly in summer.

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Broomey Croft Pool

At 13 acres, Broomey Croft is the Night Permit water and is only available for those in possession of the Specimen Night Permit.

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Canal Pool

Canal Pool is Kingsbury’s 17-acre specimen carp water.

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Causeway Pool

The three-acre Causeway Pool is now a popular day ticket and contest pool.

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Cliff Pool South

Plenty of tench and bream to 6lbs, a good stock of roach plus pike over 20lbs can be had in this largely shallow water where depths are for the most part around three to four feet.

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Gibsons Pool

Gibsons is a quality mixed fishery with a variety of species including bream to 8lbs, tench to 5lbs and roach to 2lbs, as well as rudd, perch and pike which can now all be caught in this attractive water, which is considered to be one of the most featured pools of all the specimen waters.

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Heron & Kingfisher Pools

Heron Pool is another mixed fishery ideal for the pole or waggler, containing plenty of small roach as well as a few larger specimens. Kingfisher is a very attractive 1.6-acre lily covered pool which has a very uneven bottom due to the method of gravel extraction used.

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Mill Pool

Another good bream water, Mill Pool is 12.5 acres in size and holds similar species and sizes as Bodymoor Heath with plenty of bream between 2-3lbs and specimens running to 6lbs.

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Pine Pool

Kingsbury’s acclaimed six-and-a-half acre day-ticket carp water with mirrors and commons to the low 30s and plenty of doubles, Pine Pool is a traditional carp water where modern carp fishing techniques work best.

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Swann Pool

Similar to Bodymoor Heath Water, Swann Pool is an 12.5-acre big bream match water with some tench, roach, carp and skimmers. It responds best to groundbait feeder or distance waggler

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Willows Pool

One of the smaller pools at Kingsbury with approximately 12 pegs, Willows Pool is only one-and-a-half acres in size but offers anglers plenty of roach, skimmer bream and bonus larger bream and tench to 3lbs.

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River Tame

Winding its way along the Eastern border of Kingsbury Water Park, the River Tame will be opening for anglers for the first time at the start of the 2023 river season.

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