Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Horse riding at Kenilworth Greenway


The Greenway is a permissive bridleway which means that it can be used by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. The Ranger Team are asking all horse riders to be considerate of other visitors to the Greenway, and to bear in mind that some people are nervous around horses. Whilst visiting on horseback, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Riders are only permitted to use the permissive bridleway route and must keep off the surfaced track.
  2. The Council reserves the right to close any section, or all, of the Greenway.
  3. Horse riding is permitted only during the hours of daylight.
  4. No cantering or galloping.
  5. You must have your own public liability insurance with at least £2,000,000 cover
  6. Please note that cyclists, dog walkers and pedestrians also use this permissive bridleway and use must be with due care for other users.
  7. The Council reserves the right to close the bridleway to horse riders in poor ground conditions.