Sensory garden and trail

Ryton Pools

Sensory Garden

Jo’s Sensory and Wildlife Garden is designed to showcase two exciting approaches to gardening. The main focus is to provide features that stimulate the senses. With this in mind there are scented herbs in the raised bed, rustling bamboo, quirky ‘leaf seats’ and a dragonfly sculpture. The other facet is wildlife.

There are a range of features demonstrated designed to welcome wildlife into the garden, many of which are easy to replicate in your own outdoor space at home. We have bird boxes, a bug hotel made from old pallets, a hedgehog hibernator box and log and rock piles. The garden is named in memory of Jo who was the Senior Ranger at Ryton Pools Country Park and came up with the original concept for the garden.

Sensory Trail

Twinned with the garden is our Sensory Trail. This is a linear route with a range of sensory features such as the stream, flags, willow tunnel (still growing!) and musical features. Like the garden, we have lots of ideas for the trail still to be added so this facility will continue to grow and improve as time progresses.

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