Commemorative programme

Our programme to ‘Commemorate and Celebrate’ gives people the chance to commemorate a person or event, or celebrate a major milestone in life, such as birth or university graduation, through the planting of a tree, dedication of a bench, or give a donation, and we can also arrange for the scattering of ashes at our Country Parks.

The purpose of this guidance is to provide information on the planting of commemorative trees and installation of benches as memorials and celebrations in and around the various Country Parks managed by Warwickshire County Council (WCC).

Country Parks available

We have dedicated areas for commemorative woodlands at:

Any planting will be in keeping with any management plans for the sites both now and in the future, and in accordance with the list of species.


A plaque listing only the name of the person and dates, can be purchased and will be placed on the memorial woodland sign. A plaque can also be requested for a bench. As we are not a memorial arboretum, we do not accept floral or other tributes to be laid around the base of memorial trees or benches. Our parks are a natural environment, and we wish to encourage natural planting only.

How we manage the funds

The funds received in the Commemorative Programme are used to purchase trees and benches or to reinvest money back into parks services, to serve as a living reminder of the special people or occasions in our lives.